VDA Jewellery Limited is one of the top fine Jewellery providers in Hong Kong, which focus on export business. With teams having an experience of more than 30 years in Jewellery industry, our founders and their teams struggle to expand the business to all parts of the world. We are committed to promoting a business model that encompasses not only design capability, quality craftsmanship and production capability, but also services which are deemed as collaborating efforts with our customers to promote their end consumer sales.

As our mission is to be the best supplier for our valued clients, we hope to not only provide one of the top quality craftsmanship of Jewellery but also the all-around services that will enhance the products. 

Our products are made with various kinds of precious metals and diamonds and gemstones with different specifications, with an aim to cater for a wider bandwidth of market demand.





Mission  |  我們的使命

The key strategy of diversified business development, with a dedicated team providing professional, personal and valuable services to strategic partners.

Touching design as a result of fabulous strength in product management and operational excellence in the provision of the best valued fine Jewellery products.

Leveraged corporate resources to attract, develop, retain and foster talents with comprehensive and systematic training, to be professional at work to shape the future, and family at heart to stand as one.




Value  |  核心價值

Innovative  |  科學創新

Customer-Oriented  |  以客為尊

Teamwork  |  團結拼搏

Integrity  |  道德誠信

Care & Respect  |  關懷尊重

Rigorous plan and fearless execution  |  精密的計劃,無懼的執行

GOAL  |  我們的願景

To be one of the global leading fine Jewellery providers which
offer the best valued products that inspire conspicuous attraction of the world.